New Starters

New Starters

Learnign through sensory play

At Ridgemount Cottage Nursery we take pride in ensuring  children and parents alike feel at ease when they join us. From our settling-in programs, to introducing your child's key worker, and the 'About Me' forms completed with parents, we make sure we have the information we need to make this step as smooth as possible. 

Child-led play in pre-school

What will my child need to bring with them?

When your little one first starts, it's a good idea to send them in with some home comforts, like their favourite book and toy.​

The children have access to their drinks throughout the day so please send your child with a labelled drinks bottle.

On hotter days, your should have a labelled bottle of suncream.

Younger children will need nappies, wipes, and labelled cream.

What will my child need to wear?

​Always 'dress for mess' as, besides the perils of art, children will explore their  dedicated outdoor area plus our cottage garden, forest kitchen and our allotment .

Please send your child with at least one set of spare clothes  in case things get too messy or they have an accident.


They will also need accessories appropriate for the weather, such as a sun hat or raincoat.

If your child is walking, they will need suitable, sturdy shoes too.

Our mini beast project

What is the nursery routine?

Our children are offered breakfast between 8 and 8.30, a snack at 10, hot lunch at 11.45, an afternoon snack at 2, and a picnic style tea at 3.45. 


The general sleep time for children at nursery is between 12 and 2. Our younger children’s sleep time is reflective of their home routine.

Groups have a dedicated 'Circle Time'. This time is spent telling stories, singing or doing number, colour and letter recognition. This allows each child’s voice to be heard and valued.

Making friends and having fun