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Ridgemount Cottage Nursery

New Starters.

We know that the transition to Nursery is different for everyone. With nearly 30 years of experience to guide us, we tailor our support through these first steps to suit you and your child.

Before your child has their first day with us, you will be introduced to their key person. This team member will become a familiar friendly face for your child at nursery, and will be your main contact point with nursery too.


We will help you decide the settling-in package that suits your child. Don't worry, we will observe how your child gets on, and tweak this if it's appropriate and agreed by you.

What should I expect?

At first, it's a good idea to send your child in with some home comforts, like a favourite book or toy.​

Please supply a labelled drinks bottle.

On hotter days, your should have a labelled bottle of suncream.

Younger children will need nappies, wipes, and labelled cream too.

Provide at least one set of spare clothes, including socks

What should

my child bring?

Always 'dress for mess' as, besides the perils of art, children will explore their dedicated outdoor areas.


We recommend dressing your child in our uniform to protect other clothes.

Children will need weather appropriate accessories, such as a sun hat or puddle suit.


If your child is walking, they will need suitable, sturdy shoes. If possible, they can leave wellies here.

What should

my child wear?

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