Every day, we have specific time for our pre-schoolers to all get together with our team of qualified teachers and share, sing and learn. They will all greet each other, discuss the date and weather, as well as any other important news that they have. Our team use a mix of creative singing, visual aids and movements to communicate with all of the children so that everyone can feel part of this special community.


Our pre-school curriculum is shaped around interest based learning. This allows our children to explore each topic in detail and from all different aspects; they will use sensory elements, sing songs, read stories, and play games, just to name a few. This allows children to access their individual learning strength, while preparing them for the routine of lessons that they will soon be experiencing in school.

      Bear Cubs

In this important stage in your child’s development, we focus on building their independence through personalised learning. Activities and their outcomes are planned depending on every child’s ability, not their age. We continue to encourage children to make thoughtful and balanced choices, placing toys and materials at their height so that they’re easily accessible. While there are still plenty of teacher-led activities for children to challenge themselves with, our team support children to initiate activities themselves as well.


We centre our Pre-School Program on the three primary areas of the foundation stage of your child's education: communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. However, the specific areas (literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design) are included to prepare them for their reception year in primary school. When the time does come to move up to school, we pass on detailed and personalised records so that the transition is not disruptive.


Cottage Garden and Animals

At Ridgemount Cottage Nursery School, we encourage children to play and learn outside as much as they can. Children here are lucky to have all of the beauty and nature of the cottage garden to explore. This includes the nursery’s ex-battery farm chickens and a vegetable patch which the children love to help us maintain. We also have an extensive mucky garden for our pre-schoolers to enjoy all year. Children love getting their hands dirty here, planting flowers, making a mud pie or just exploring their senses. All this while boosting their immune systems and making them feel happy and relaxed.






Outside Play

Our pre-schoolers are lucky enough to have a purpose-built climbing frame directly outside their door. We have designed this to give the children a feeling of risk-taking, while remaining in a safe and monitored environment. This type of adventurous play prepares children for problems they may face as they grow up, as they learn how to cope with the supposed threat of risk. It builds their confidence, as well as training their co-ordination, imagination and physical fitness. 

Dinner Time

Our on-site chefs, Emily and Kate, have created a menu to fit the needs and tastes of our children, although they can adapt this easily for any special requirements. Pre-school will all sit around the table to enjoy meals. Our team encourage every child to self-serve and feed themselves, although we are always there to lend a helping hand.

Since 1994, Ridgemount Cottage Nursery School has taken pride in the knowledge our family will take care of yours. 

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