Our Ethos

Playing on the nursery climbing frame


Children explore the world around us. And we have so much for them to explore here. We use our extensive outdoor area for children to learn through gardening, woodland play, composting, bug hunts, and den building. They should be able to run, fall and have fun!



Open-ended activities and games are provided in which children can understand, discover, and explore the world around them. We support and scaffold each child’s learning and development while they are engaged in their chosen activities.



We encourage children to independently make choices in their everyday routine. We support children to build relationships, creating sociable, happy children who will be confident making friends in the next stage of their journey, whether that’s at Ridgemount or school.



We have church visits, library visits, coffee mornings at the community centre, trips to the retirement home and much more. We want children to love their close community as well as their larger one, helping the charities we support such as The Wildlife Trust and engaging with our twinned school in Tanzania through our YouTube channel.

Playing on the nursery climbing frame