We are continuously reviewing and updating how we protect our children and our staff during this difficult time. Central to this is maintaining a safe and secure environment in our nursery.

Your child has a designated key carer who continues to work closely with them. Although handovers may be short and sweet, the key carers add comments and pictures to Tapestry and Famly daily so you can keep up-to-date with all your child's adventures. If you need a more in-depth chat, you can give us a call too.

What do I do if my child or somebody in their household shows symptoms?


The three symptoms to look out for are:

·  a high temperature

·  a new continuous cough

·  a change in smell or taste

If your child or anyone in your child's household displays these symptoms, your child will not be able to attend nursery.

The government guidance asks anybody who is showing these symptoms to stay home and seek a test. Anybody in a household with somebody displaying symptoms also needs to stay home until a negative test result is returned.


Please let us know by phone as soon as you can if your child or somebody in their household is seeking a test and the results of the test once they have been received so that we can act quickly if we need to.

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What if my child or somebody in their household has a positive result?

Any person with confirmed Covid-19 must stay home for 10 days. Anybody in their household, or who has been in close contact with them up to 48 house  before the symptoms began, needs to isolate for 10 days.


Please let us know by phone as soon as you can if your child or somebody in their household receives a positive Covid-19 test result as soon as possible so that we can act quickly.

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What steps are being taken to help keep children and staff safe?

Here are just a few things we are doing in the nursery to keep people protected:

· We sanitize each room and its contents at the end of each day.

· Groups spend as much time outside as is practical.

· Our staff wear clear vizors.​

We ask parents to:

· ​Drop off and collect their children from their dedicated entrance.

· Wear masks for drop off and collection.

· Send your child in with a clearly labelled drink bottle.​


To read our full Covid-19 policy document, click here.