Under 2s

Little Ducklings and Young Fawns

Our babies have two dedicated rooms, age targeted so that they can always learn alongside their peers. Each space is packed with different sensory opportunities to ensure that every individual can progress at their own pace. We know that being separated from your child at this age can be daunting, so rest assured that our experienced staff will make sure that every child has plenty of fun, while taking steps forward in their development. We set our babies personalised targets which are encouraged and monitored by their key worker to ensure that no child misses out. These targets might be learning to talk, walking, or just exploring the new world around them. Our Baby team use stimulating play and regular reassurance to ensure that your child is relaxed as they enjoy this vital stage in their development. This progress is recorded through pictures and notes, which parents can then access on a private program called Tapestry online.


Home From Home

We want your child to feel at home with us as much as possible. Our Home Corner gives children a familiar aspect which can lessen any anxieties felt by your child, allowing them to feel as relaxed as they might feel at home.


Outside Play

While our babies have access to all of the outdoor space in the nursery, we have created a private area away from the pre-schoolers. Laid with a soft artificial grass matting, your child doesn’t have to be a whizz on their feet to enjoy this space. Sand and water play promote hand-eye co-ordination in your child, in addition to encouraging imaginative play and social skills. We also use this time to enhance their sensory learning, supporting your child’s exploratory nature and stimulating their growing mind.

Nap Time

We will adapt our day to fit your baby’s usual sleep patterns, if you wish, meaning they won’t miss out on important elements of the day if it’s time for their nap. There will always be a member of staff with them throughout their nap should they wake up or need comforting. 

Sensory Play

At this young age, sensory play is vital to the development of your little one. The best way we learn is through experiences, and for under-twos that should be touch, sound, taste, and smell as well as sight. Using natural materials and a mix of sounds and textures in our Sensory Corner feeds your child’s innate instinct to explore their senses. Not only does this help them to recognise and understand the world around them, it also lays down the foundation to help them expand their imagination and learning potential as they grow.  

Dinner Time

Our on-site chefs, Emily and Kate, have created a menu to fit the needs and tastes of our children, although they can adapt this easily for any special requirements. Our babies will all sit around the table to enjoy meals. Our team encourage every child to feed themselves, although we are always there to lend a helping hand.

Since 1994, Ridgemount Cottage Nursery School has taken pride in the knowledge our family will take care of yours. 

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