Under 3s

Playful Pups and Little Foals


Our under 3s have plenty of opportunities for free and creative play as well as times to concentrate on more specific skills to encourage the physical, intellectual, social and emotional progress of each child. They are matched with a key-worker who will work closely with them while they progress through this stage. You will never miss out on seeing all the fun your child is having as we document their activities and development using notes and pictures on a private computer program, Tapestry, which parents can then access online.



Dinner Time

Our on-site chefs, Emily and Kate, have created a menu to fit the needs and tastes of our children, although they can adapt this easily for any special requirements. Children will all sit around the table to enjoy meals. Our team encourage every child to self-serve and feed themselves, although we are always there to lend a helping hand.








Play Time

Singing at this early age helps children to develop their language, as well as introducing them to rhythm and patterns in music. Teaming this with musical instruments allows children to express themselves using different movements and sound, and they will begin to match movements to music.


Our art sessions may sometimes get messy, but they’re a fun way to let your child practise their fine motor skills. Painting, drawing, cutting and sticking isn’t just enhancing your child’s imagination. It is also setting the groundwork for the skills they will soon be relying on when writing.



For many children, books are their first insight into many ideas like shapes or colours. When we have story time with our children, we are often using the story to teach them about even more complicated concepts, such as sharing, empathy or bereavement as well. We don’t just read the stories to our Pups and Foals. We also encourage them to choose their own books. This way, they can build their imagination, using the pictures to help them form their own narrative. As well as getting an insight into the world around them, they are also learning to express themselves more clearly.

Outside Play

While our children often venture onto the purpose-built climbing frame, we have created two private areas away from the older pre-schoolers. These lead straight off the Pups' and Foals' rooms, making it an extension of their indoor areas. Both are partly sheltered, so that their use isn’t confined to just sunny days. Our children take responsibility for caring for the flowers in their outdoor space. We use this time as a chance to enhance their sensory learning, supporting your child’s exploratory nature and stimulating their growing mind.

Since 1994, Ridgemount Cottage Nursery School has taken pride in the knowledge our family will take care of yours. 

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